About Simbrix

Simbrix takes playtime and downtime to a whole new level!

What is Simbrix?

Simbrix is a small plastic construction toy. The name stands for simulated bricks; each simbrick contains four components which allow them to be connected. The two teeth can be attached to the two gums, and the inter-simbrix friction allows them to stay together, this means no ironing or water activated glue is required. Not only that, they can be easily taken apart without tweezers and be reused, meaning endless hours of fun! And infinite possible designs!

Simbrix also has a hidden puzzle that must be cracked to complete your designs. So, if you’re looking for a toy that encourages creative play, helps with hand-eye coordination and keeps people of all ages busy for a few hours then Simbrix is the one for you! If you need any help, just click the chat icon at the bottom of the screen and I will answer any questions.

Where did the idea come from?

Assim Ishaque is a family man who, like all parents, can find playtime a little bit difficult to handle from time to time. His children’s favourite toys were crafting beads which needed to be ironed, but it was often hard to keep the pieces in the right places, and that’s when he had his lightbulb moment.

How did we get to where we are now?

The idea went through a vigorous testing process. There were hundreds of adjustments to the original prototype, aided by 3D printing technology to create the prototypes. The prototypes were then alpha tested and we acted upon the feedback they provided. Once the design was perfected, we created the final production injection mould.

Simbrix was now ready to expand from Nottingham UK to the world! People of all ages instantly fell in love with our product. To ensure the world knew about our product, we turned to the crowdfunding website Kickstarter (a site worthy of its name). This was the first step towards expanding the Brixers Community on a global scale, our Kickstarter was enormously successful, achieving more than three times our goal. The funding allowed us to add eight brand new colours, including the extremely popular glow brix. We were also able to redevelop our packaging.

We initially marketed our product as a toy for children, but we quickly learned that adults love playing with it just as much. We currently sell our products on our website, Amazon, and small selected toy stores around the world, having tremendous success in Europe and the United States. We also pride ourselves on the fact, that it is super easy to get in contact with us, this includes most forms of social media.

We have won many awards, including Bronze in the Toy Shop UK awards. We have also been featured in many articles, such as The Guardian, Toy News, and Mirror.

What’s next?

Simbrix will continue to evolve to ensure we have the best possible product for you, and the Brixers Community will continue to expand.