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Two years on, we have had time to play with Simbrix and receive lots of useful feedback. We felt it’s time to upgrade Simbrix to make the product, play experience and creative opportunities better than ever.
So we did! :)
We have added all 20 colours and shades, into the improved proportions in single packs from our new Primo and Dueto packs, this provides you with the extra bricks we all need!
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Product Description

Simbrix Single Colour pack

400 brix of your chosen colour, for when you need a little extra something for your designs! These are our brand new colours from the Primo & Dueto colour pack in the new kits.

The new improved proportions in single packs now give you 50% more beads!

Simbrix + More Beads = Endless amount of fun!

The information below is to find out what colours are in each kit this might help with picking the colours you want and or need. :)
The top 10 colours are in the Primo colour pack, the bottom 10 from the Dueto colour pack:
Cute kit – 1 Pack of Primo colours
Geek kit – 1 Pack of Primo colours, 1 Pack of Dueto colours
Crafter kit – 2 Pack of Primo colours, 1 Pack of Dueto colours
Maker kit – 2 Pack of Primo colours, 2 Pack of Dueto colours

Additional Information

New Colours

Brill White, Bat Black, F’wawi Red, Nana Yellow, Choc Brown, Lime Electro, Candy Pink, Steel Grey, Juicy Orange, Sonic Blue, Blossom Pinko, Fuchsia Fab, Bean Green, Bubble Blue, Bot Grey, Sunny Brown, Squashed Plum, Lemellow, Spidey Red, Aquatica