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Why Simbrix?

It began with the children

After playing with his children and their favourite bead toys, the inventor saw them upset when their creations would easily fall apart before ironing together.

Their tears and frustrations became the motivation for Simbrix.

Thus began work on 400 prototypes, 1000 consumer tests, international patenting over 3 years before we launched the project on Kickstarter and now have fans all over the world.

Our vision for Simbrix

We’re aiming for beautiful art and craft toys, equally wonderful for boys and girls, that encourage creative thinking, need few instructions and allow for fantastic play experiences – without compromise. We started with connecting brix that wow…

The Simbrix Kits


Simbrix Cute Kit

Simbrix Geek Kit

Simbrix Crafter Kit

Simbrix Maker Kit

"Great Product, already bought more!"

− Rawky

"It's good fun and I like it. recommend 10/10"

− Tyler Davies - Age 13

"Simbrix - Less frustrating and fiddly than Hama beads/ Quixels"

− Kelly Gray

"Looks Fab! Can't wait to have a try!"

− Ms. C. L. Berry


− Babbyb

"An excellent creative product!"

− Kate Woonburn

"You've got to try this!"

− Paul Cook

"Simbrix Cute Kit amazing"

− Mr David McLean


− Kim Hathaway

"Well worth it! Excellent, Kids played for hours, very creative also good for my autistic son."

− Sandra

"Highly Recommended - A great gift idea."

− Rachel

"Great Product. Would really recommend for any age."

− Hannah Mudd

"Brilliant fun!"

− KM

"Perfect Birthday gift! "

− Tracey Guthrie

"They are east to connect and keeps her busy for hours"

− Evita

"Five Stars! Bought for my 11yr old and she loves it!"

− Natalie Rogers

Our fans love Simbrix they enjoy the playability, the freedom to be creative, and their relaxing nature.  What would you make?

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