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A Spongebob Simbrix Odyssey: The Beginning

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You may have seen the recent posts on our Twitter, two Simbrix (@Simbrix) designs for one of our favourite childhood shows here at the Simbrix office, Spongebob Squarepants. Of course the characters we chose were the magnificent Spongebob himself and his best friend, the slightly naive (to be kind) but big hearted Patrick.

Creating those two designs were massive fun, but it got me thinking why stop there? Spongebob the show didn’t exist purely as Spongebob and Patrick, it was very much an ensemble cast. Who could forget the Squidward! Spongebob’s grouchy (not without reason) neighbour or Mr Krabs the money hungry boss of the Krusty Krab. But it doesn’t end there, the show never takes place on a blank canvas, the scenery is just as important. We all remember Spongebob’s ‘pineapple under the sea’, Patrick’s stone for a house (I use the term ‘house’ loosely) or Sandy’s underwater dome?

Which brings me to my point, why don’t we bring all this to life in Simbrix! why don’t we take what we have in Spongebob and Patrick and expand it to include the whole cast, their homes, the entirety of Bikini Bottom! So I decided this was my task. Well the beginning of it anyway. Next step? Got to be the pineapple under the sea, maybe with Gary to go beside? It may be a long road, knowing my artistic endeavours in the past, but with Simbrix I’m certain what we’ll have at the end it a living breathing Simbrix Spongebob Squarepants show!

This is just the first blog in one of hopefully many as I endeavour to recreate the entirety of Bikini Bottom (and maybe even The Hoff too) in Simbrix form. I hope to reach you in video as well as the written form, so check both our youtube page (SimbrixTV) as well as the Simbrix website itself (

Simbrix allowing me to recreate one of my favourite childhood shows makes me enormously happy, and also very excited to do other shows, or movies (Monsters Inc anyone?) or games or absolutely anything. It’s memorabilia you create yourself, or with your family and friends. The possibilities are endless, you could create your own stop-motion episode of your favourite show, or rewrite the ending to a favourite film so you can finally end it the way it was supposed to! You can put on your own show for your kids when the Saturday morning cartoons finally stop. Simbrix lets you do it all!

Gary in construction. I just couldn’t wait!

Gary in construction. I just couldn’t wait!


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Another member of the Simbrix team started creating this beautiful underwater pineapple property

Another member of the Simbrix team started creating this beautiful underwater pineapple property