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Why Simbrix – a little ‘knock and a nudge’

One day, playing with my children and their favourite ‘melty beads’ (brings back such good memories) around the coffee table, happy, concentrating, being creative and just talking to each other – bliss. Mum had gone out to do some grocery shopping – so just me and my babies (5, 8, 9 years old)
I bought the ones without the templates as I loved the idea of them being creative, letting their own ideas flow. But a little knock and the peace was shattered. My daughters lovingly made flower design fell apart off the pegboard. I try to calm her and get the beads back in order, but her tears are flowing and I’m getting warmer, anxious and perspiring now.
Another day, my son and daughter create some more lovely designs and ask me to iron their beads together…’of course I’ll them for you..the iron is too hot for you to that’. Off they go to the living room while I set up the iron and prepare to melt their beads together. Whoops, my calm is broken as I nudge their design. I’m hurriedly trying to repair their work before they come back and I’m straight into sweat and anxiety is building…

Have you been there?

Who created these beads, lovely but crazy. Fiddly but fun. But they don’t connect … have you the recent version – they glue together if you spray them with water. My children tried them at my niece’s house and were ‘meh’ about them.
We never had Lego when I was a child, but enjoyed playing with them at school and as a child of the 80’s I’m a fan of ‘8 Bit’ computer games. But lego kits have such detailed instructions that I am put off from buying them. I want creative problem-solving minds in my children – not robots who can just follow instructions to the letter.
Simbrix – connect without needing to be ironed, water, glue and very few instructions. I designed them as a product that I would buy for my children. I wanted to create something amazing, had superb playability and my family would be proud of.
I, dad of four lovely children simply created Simbrix so that my children would have frustration free creative play. This started me on a journey that took me two years, 400 prototypes, over 1000 consumer test so that my children could get Simbrix.

My name is Assim and I’m the inventor of Simbrix. I have become an:

  • Inventor
  • Product designer
  • Certifications manager
  • Importer and Exporter
  • Packer
  • Logistics assistant
  • Social media writer
  • Photographer
  • Team manager
  • Mentor and dreamer
I’m proud of what Simbrix has become and the lives it has touched. From helping my first project colleague, Fardeen gets into a fantastic job at Triumph Motorcycle company – that he absolutely loves, to helping Fiona start her career in Social Media and Jarrid, who started as a ‘work experience’ intern to becoming a full-time Apprentice and now a Director of the company.
We have made lots of mistakes, created huge delays in our recent updates. Getting to grips with being a toy manufacturer, playing with big wealthy companies and becoming an exporter – that’s a lot to learn. But the support, encouragement and lovely feedback inspire step up to the challenge and strive to be our best.
Our purpose is to foster positive, engaging creative experiences for those ‘young at heart’ not limited by complicated instructions or gender bias. Our products are designed for fulfilling, free-flowing creative discovery.
If we are the right choice for you and the ones you care for, I hope you enjoy them as much as we all do.
Thanks for taking the time to understand why I created Simbrix.