“As a teacher, Simbrix has helped my students to develop their fine motor skills”

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Michelle is a teaching assistant who works mainly with children aged 4-6. She often brings Simbrix into work with her to help develop fine motor skills in her students.

“Lots of children don’t develop their muscles in their fingers to pinch your pencil correctly until they are a little bit older, but by being able to play with these kind of toys it develops all of that earlier for them. Simbrix are perfect for that. They just think they’re building, they don’t realize they’re actually developing their handwriting skills at the same time!”

Michelle also uses Simbrix when working with neuro-diverse children.

“Every single time it’s held their attention. It’s calmed them down from whatever was bothering them at that time and I find that while their fingers are working we can talk a bit better about what’s going on. It’s just a really good calming device for children; and they just think they’re playing!”

Listen to the rest of our interview with Michelle below:

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