Autumn Fair at Greens Windmill!!!

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Saturday 8th of November 2014!

Rain! Again! A typical British morning. No surprises there. We set up our table in Greens Windmill venue without any huge expectations. “The rainy weather will keep people inside” we all thought. We had stalls all around, some delicious cupcakes directly opposite particularly caught our attention and we began to believe we’d have a tough day ahead of us trying not to give in to the temptation of chocolatey treats.

Suddenly, emerging from the rain soaked grounds were people! children, adults, people of all ages, everywhere! Our temptations for sweets and our fear of the cold weather vanished. “Mum look! can I play with this” we heard one child say, children and adults flooded the table, we played for hours, showing off Simbrix, encouraging people to be creative, and seeing just what everyone could create.

We met many interesting people, we played with kids, big and small, tried to encourage the shy ones among the crowd, and they flourished, and we let the more vibrant just run free. Simbrix appealed to all, and even after many hours, and hundreds of creations, what we always heard was “mum can I stay here to play a bit more?”

The time passed in the blink of an eye and before we knew it the event was over. We eventually gave into the temptation and grabbed a few cupcakes as we reflected on what has been a precious moment shared with our audience. We were extremely proud of the feedback we received, specifically the knowledge that we are one step closer to our goal of providing happiness to children and adults worldwide. We realised that we have built up quite the expectation level for our toy, and we fully intend to deliver the best toy that we can possibly create. We work with love, and we hope to pass on that love in the toy that you’ll all eventually take into your home. It’s a journey we began, individually, then as a team and with this event we’ve realised that our team has grown, and that you, the audience are as big a part of the team as any. So here’s a big thank you for all your feedback, all your advice, all your expectations and all your love for Simbrix. Thank you for accompanying us on this journey, we know you’ll be there for the big premiere


Speaking of journeys and premieres, we are very proud to share that Simbrix has made the big journey across the pond for the first time! Our friend Emily Calderwood, who was visiting Nottingham, from Boston, USA, took a few Simbrix back home to share with her family and friends. So don’t be surprised to see Simbrix in the next big Hollywood blockbuster!

Check out our Facebook album for the event and feel free to tag yourself if you are featured in any of them!


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