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Friday! While others waiting for the weekend we are impatient for our visit to Middleton Primary School in Nottingham. Every time that we plan to meet people and to test our product we have the same feelings. Excitement, anticipation, a splash of nervousness, and a lot of intrigues. Children are honest and demanding, we love that and that’s one of the reasons why we work so hard to make our product perfect.

 What if they didn’t like it? What if we didn’t have enough beads? Designs? These were just some of the thoughts that were flying around our minds while we waited for the children to come into the classroom. Suddenly, the door opened and many happy, chattering faces appeared. We introduced ourselves and as if by magic their little faces became even brighter when we told them that they would be spending the morning playing.

We set up the tables, the excitement was peaking, we were nervous, we could feel the impatience, will they have fun or will get bored? We opened up our cotton bags and spread the colors of the Simbrix around as. The game was on, hands began working. We saw smiles from the children and even noticed the smiles began to infect us as well.

“WOW”, “Cool,” “Awesome” some of the first words we hear the children shout. The kids and we jump in together making at first 3 by 3 squares, eventually evolving into giraffes, trees (something for the giraffes to eat of course), and statues.





We have found in our experiences, that children always tell the truth when it comes to our product, no matter how harsh. So we anticipated their response and were very happy to see an overwhelmingly positive response. “If you do one bead wrong you do not have to break your whole design, you can easily remove the wrong bead” said one child, highlighting one of the advantages of our toy. Others pointed out that “the colours are very bright,” and “I can create diagonal designs.”


The children demonstrated how easy it is to connect your beads, and everyone was impressed by the ability to create with Simbrix without a board. Also, some of the children found the hidden puzzle (or to be more precise the puzzle found some of them!). It was fantastic to see such young kids thinking and being totally absorbed in patiently finding the solution. It was rewarding to see their little faces when they solved the puzzle. You could see that they felt happier and in turn we felt fulfilled from seeing the amount of joy given to the children from letting them play with Simbrix.


At the end of the event, the teacher sat all the little boys and girls down, and everyone in unison agreed how cool Simbrix is, and how everyone would be writing to Santa and hoping for a Simbrix set in their stocking at Christmas.



As all the children shouted “SIMBRIX!” we couldn’t help but feel this great sense of fulfilment, reminding us of the goal we set out to achieve with Simbrix, to inspire, to entertain and to bring happiness to children worldwide.

We’d like to give a big thank you to the staff at Middleton Primary School for their time, patience and their enthusiasm for Simbrix!


Are you interested in what Middleton school said? Take a look:


“Many thanks to Assim and the team for a fabulous afternoon exploring the world of Simbrix:


My class loved the challenge of these clever little bricks and they spent the lesson thoroughly absorbed in the designing and making of their own amazing creations.


Although a great play tool in its own right, I can see so many learning opportunities in using Simbrix in the classroom. As well as improving the children’s fine motor skills, Simbrix also tested their skills of logic and problem solving in a fun, vibrant and creative way.


I look forward to using Simbrix in the future!”


Lucy Dolby, Year 5 teacher