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Children again..

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When I created Simbrix, it was for my children and a secret hope that other children would love them as much as my own. Over the years of development, this passion of mine has expanded and incorporated other people, who’ve taken on my passion and my vision. We’ve formed a very committed team, with the aim of bringing Simbrix to the home of every child and child at heart. We have taken Simbrix out to many events to demonstrate it over the past couple of months and seen hundreds of people playing with, and enjoying them.

Most of these are family groups (children, teenagers and parents) so when I met Elaine, one of the organisers of the Craft Fair at St Andrews with Castlegate United Reform Church (which was a lovely event)

She who explained that they have a “craft club’, a group of older ladies, who meet up regularly and brandish their arts and craft skills, creating all manner of wonderful creations. I immediately leapt at the chance of seeing what these ladies would make of Simbrix. A new audience meant new reactions, new perspectives and new ways of looking at Simbrix. Something that both excited and intrigued me.

Elaine joyfully accepted my ‘self invite’ to their Friday night meeting. Two weeks later, with a bag of beads and a Chocolate Cheese cake, I find myself in a big 18th century hall with the ladies of the Craft Club.

They were all so very polite and fascinated by my story, but I was unsure of what they would make of Simbrix. After starting with a simple 3 by 3 pattern, they were off to bigger and more complex things. I saw these ladies, mainly of an older generation, become transformed right before my eyes: Their concentration levels became deep, the room became silent, save for a few humorous lines. They become children again, being creative and enjoying playing just for the fun of it. They were making flowers, animals, weaving patterns, multicoloured love hearts and a dream palace.


It was incredible to see these very determined women relax and become immersed in the creative play. They had lovely smiles on their faces as the group of random Simbrix took shape into a form they had imagined some moments earlier.


When the playtime was over and it was time to have a well deserved slice of cheese cake, they did not want to leave and it was like having to ask my own children put the toys away for tea time, it was very cute and very endearing.

I learnt that Simbrix is for children of all ages. It brings out the child in the adult and the imagination in the child. Being young at heart is a beautiful thing, it allows you to access a level of fun that at times you may not think exists. It allows you to be your true self. Simbrix does the same things.

Thank you to the Ladies of the Craft Club for this lesson!

This connection really wowed me!


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