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Connect and calm in September with Simbrix

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September has begun which can only mean one thing – school! As your children head off to school it will only be natural that they will feel some anxiety towards the situation; and what better way to calm their nerves than buying them a kit from Simbrix? Just under 50% of 12 year olds reported feeling sad or anxious because of school. Giving your little ones the freedom and creativity to build, create and make whatever they want will help calm the mind and relieve stress and anxiety.

The past year has been tough on us all. As school starts, it is important to remember that our kids have been majorly affected too. They have spent a couple of years without their friends and buying them a kit from Simbrix could also be the perfect opportunity for our younger generation to get together and build something with one another. They can show each other what they have learnt in their time apart; create little friendly competitions between each other; and build until their hearts are content!

When playing with Simbrix, you can leave your child to play whilst you get on with day to day life as Simbrix doesn’t require heat or any other harmful things. Better yet, challenge your child; the whole family could create a masterpiece and all of you can connect over building amazing things. Treasure your child’s creation by putting it on the fireplace, on display for the whole family to admire.