Crafting a Kickstarter Video

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With the beginning of our Kickstarter campaign edging closer and closer, the Simbrix team today undertook a colossal transformation into a film crew to work upon the video to accompany our launch.

Now on the surface, creating a Kickstarter video may seem like a straight forward thing to do. But as we found soon found out, it was anything but.

The Kickstarter video is often the vocal point of any Kickstarter campaign. It needs to knock the audience out of the park. So while we knew that we had to demonstrate our product clearly and sharply, and also explain how Kickstarter is instrumental in getting us to the next stage, and taking Simbrix beyond our office and out into the world, we also needed the fun and excitement in there as well. Not an easy task at all.

As we sat down to work out our plan of attack for the day, we expected this to only take a few hours. We got into work straight away, preparing the set, creating the script, looking at angles and lighting and eventually taking our first steps into filming.  Then before we knew it lunchtime had been and gone and there was still lots of hard work to do. Quickly, we became devoted and determined to getting this video filmed.

It was all hands on deck and every member of our team pitched-in. We all collaborated to find the best way to express exactly what we wanted our Kickstarter campaign to be. Finding the right words to say was a challenge we all faced. Even though Assim is the star of our video and our product, the message became a amalgamation of all our ideas and thoughts about Simbrix, and about how much we all truly believe in this product.

After a full day in the studio, and many cookies and biscuits to keep us going, the content of our video is finally ready for editing. Months of hard work has built up to this moment where our message is finally ready to deliver to the world. We can’t wait to share it with you!