For parents and educators, its really important to keep up to date with what children are being taught and the effects on their future career paths. The term ‘STEM’ is currently very popular in education circles – but what does it mean?, where is it from?, how does it affect children’s education and careers?

In this podcast, the inventor of Simbrix, Assim gets a valuable insight into STEM from Andrew B. Raupp, the CEO and founder of the thought leader and educational training company This is a ‘must listen’ podcast for parents, educators and suppliers to the education industry.

Key points:
Andrew explains that STEM is much more than an acronym for ‘Science Technology Engineering and Maths’, it’s a movement that will direct the future of education and prepare children for a future that is going to dramatically affect their careers unlike any previous technological revolution.

We discuss ideas for helping to prepare children for careers that we don’t yet know, such as importance of creativity, adaptability and resilience – which requires giving them opportunities to play, talk, try, fail and try again.

Our Guest for this podcast
Let me introduce to Andrew B Raupp, CEO and Founder of, Michigan, USA.

A fellow of Harvard University, John F Kennedy School of Government, Andrew founded in 2001 and is now one of the leaders in STEM educational research. His organisation has been involved with teaching over 142,000 children from kindergarten to 12th grade students and 10,000 educators in 25 countries.

His influence in the educational sector goes beyond his company as a contributor to the Forbes Technology Council and commentator on the Russian Sputnik News, a commentator on the Irish and Co-Chair of STEM CHAMP in Bengaluru in India.
Andrew’s company also assess products for their suitability for the STEM sector, having worked with some of the worlds leading toy companies. So with this huge expertise, we could not resist and got Andrews opinion on Simbrix which was fascinating.

So through this podcast Andrew helps Assim gets a great understanding the impact of STEM on his children’s future education and career paths and how, as a parent, he can support their growth. But also an appreciation for the importance of the softer skills and attitudes that they need to develop such as flexibility and resilience. In a world where we protect our children from failure – these are important lessons and a great conversation to listen in on.

For more information on Andrew B Raupp and his company, go to and have a look at www.stem.paper to get daily their fantastic newsletter.