Game City 2014

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GameCity 2014

Today marked a historic event, our first show! And our first opportunity to share Simbrix with the world. We were at Gamecity 2014 in Nottingham. GameCity, for those not in the know, is one of the highlights of the year here in Nottingham and draws people from all over the UK (and further afield!). Organised in partnership with Nottingham Trent University, GameCity is a celebration of all things related to video games and creativity. The event is a hub for innovation and opens everyone’s eyes to the endless possibilities of video games as a concept and as technology.

We were featured in the ‘Hearts and Crafts’ event at GameCity, which showcases the the crème de la crème of crafting talent in the UK. Being that this was our first event we were very nervous. We had no real expectations as we were new to Simbrix ourselves. This was the first time we’d taken Simbrix out the office, the first time we’d shown it off, to more than friends or colleagues. It was daunting to say the least, but what we found truly blew us away.

As we set up our stall, we noticed all the other immaculate stalls around us, this made us more nervous. Before we even began we said that even if just a few people took note of Simbrix, if it made a few children’s day a little bit more fun then we’d be more than happy. What surprised us, however, is when Simbrix took the whole floor by storm!

A quiet first few minutes quickly evolved into an awesome pandemonium. Almost immediately we saw kids of all ages, family’s, people of many different backgrounds, all having fun with Simbrix! The energy permeated the floor, and even though we were up on our feet for 8 hours, it felt like minutes.

We met many different interesting and influential people (including Martin Hollis, creator of iconic video game Goldeneye 007, who told us “you’ve got something there” and Ian Livingstone CBE, co-founder of Games Workshop and former Executive Chairman for Eidos ) who all provided brilliant praise, feedback and advice for the start of our Simbrix journey.

Simbrix brought people together, parents thanked us for keeping their children entertained, as well as challenged by the problem solving elements Simbrix presents, and for the fact that Simbrix kept the children quiet! We had members of the GameCity staff told off for getting distracted by Simbrix (we’re sorry for getting you in trouble guys!) and we even had the game develops next to us use Simbrix to support their product! The world of possibilities Simbrix provides continually astounds us!

We saw more beautiful and brilliant creations than we could have ever possibly imagined. The talent that people demonstrated really amazed us. We saw one of the biggest Simbrix creations yet, with an Assassin’s Creed portrait that towered over the competition. We had Tardis’ created, Pokeballs, Batman symbols, Superman symbols, Pac man (and ghosts included) among plenty of other amazing creations.

So our first event turned out to be a huge success. Simbrix proved very popular, and thanks to a very creative and inventive public, we created some amazing art! We’d like to thank the organiser’s of GameCity and every person that ventured up to our stall to try our new toy. We’re very proud of it. We hope to see you all at the next event!

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