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Gendered toys: Simbrix and Goldie Blox fight against gender roles in toys

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Girls play with barbie dolls, pink fluffy toys, kitchen play sets and prams. If you google ‘girl toys’ you’ll see more shades of pink then you would ever thought existed. If you do the same for boys, you’ll see mechanical toys, cars, boats, trucks, robots, a range of bright colours. Toys that encourage construction and technology. There’s a disparity, and there always has been. Toys are gendered, and girls feel out of place with a hot wheels track set in the same way boys would with a dolls house. It’s a problem, a toy for boys is more likely to encourage critical thinking, problem solving and innovation then most girls toys ever would and these habits set a foundation for the rest of your child’s life.

Goldie Blox is a toy business that is trying to swing the barometer back in the favour of girls. Goldie Blox is a construction based toy that tries to get girls interested in concepts of engineering by combining a story book with a set of toy tools that allow the girls to create their own parade floats, drum kits, ice cream trucks and more. Their slogans ‘building toys aren’t just for boys’ and ‘more than just a princess’ emphasise the idea that girls should be encouraged to explore and create in exactly the same way that boys are.

Source:, ‘From Kickstarter to the Super Bowl: GoldieBlox wins commercial spot’. January 22, 2015.

Simbrix, and the inspiration behind it has always been the same. Simbrix is very much gender neutral, it comes with no instructions and never tells you what to make. Simbrix thrives on creativity, independent thought, problem solving and learning. We hope that Simbrix contributes to making toys more neutral and accessible to everyone. No child should feel left out, or alienated for playing with a toy that they love. We hope that message translate into later life too, in that, those girls and boys who played with Simbrix see that the endless possibilities don’t end in playtime and that the entire world is full of opportunities to take and different ways for you to explore your skills, without barriers.


Goldie Blox found life on Kickstarter, it grabbed your attention on youtube. For a small team to achieve such success and acclaim, using the same methods that we are using is a huge inspiration for us. We have the same goals when we set out that Goldie Blox had and that is to create a toy that will inspire children of all ages, gender and background to be creative, to innovate, to learn and have fun at the same time.

If it inspires even just one child, then we will be incredibly pleased.

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