Having fun in Hucknall..

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“BEEP BEEP….BEEP BEEP” the alarm blares in my head. “5 more minutes please, it’s Saturday…” wait, I think, Saturday,  oh yeah it’s Saturday! I jump out of bed ready to seize the day, grab a hot cup of tea, a quick breakfast (i’m going to need the energy) because Another Simbrix adventure awaits! On our way to the Baptist Church in Hucknall we take a wrong turn, get a bit lost but that doesn’t bother us, it’s only the beginning of the incredible Simbrix journey that awaits.

We arrive on time at the venue, which is buzzing with energy. Everyone else on the floor has already started trading, so we excitedly set up our table with the same feeling of joy we have every time we show off our toy. As soon as we we’re done we curiously wait for the first murmurings of interests, the first ooo’s and the first ahhh’s. We here whisperings “is that fusion beads?”, “No! it’s Simbrix, come and play!”

And all of a sudden our stall is bursting with children of all ages, laughing, playing, being creative, exploring their imagination and in the end leaving disappointed because they cannot buy Simbrix now!


The children focus on their designs. They are so transfixed by what they are making and what Simbrix can do, that the world stops for them. It doesn’t matter if their friends are off with other toys, or their parents try to pull them away, all that matters to them is that they finish their design, so the world can spin again.

That is the beauty of Simbrix, it takes everything else away, allows you to relax, to focus, to test your talents and ultimately to enjoy yourself and have fun. Simbrix brings out that best moment in life, where you can truly relax and be happy, and where nothing else matters.


One thing that always stands out to us, every time we meet people, and show them Simbrix, is the little different elements of fun and happiness that they demonstrate. Whether it be a satisfaction with the accomplishment of bringing to fruition what they had in their heads, or the look of the parents when they see what their child can really accomplish if given the creative tools that Simbrix provide.

Einstein said that “creativity is intelligence having fun” and we think this sums Simbrix up perfectly. Simbrix is creativity. Simbrix is fun.

Give it a try, connect and wow!!!!