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Meet Simbrix Super-Fan Zen!

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12 year-old Zen went from making Simbrix models of his favourite characters to designing a whole new line of Simbrix products!

Simbrix fans across the globe have sent us their wonderful creations, but few have made as many as 12 year-old Zen!

Zen – from Portland, Oregon, USA – began crafting his own designs after receiving a Simbrix Maker’s Kit from his parents, who use it as part of his education.

He has now made dozens of models, often inspired by video games including Five Nights at Freddie’s and Portal.

His bedroom is decorated with his favourite characters, as well as boxes of colour-coordinated brix.

But what impressed Simbrix HQ most was Zen’s ability to create 3D models –so much so that we invited him to help design our new Digit Kit.

The new product contains 300 multi-coloured beads, and comes with an inspiration leaflet adorned with Zen’s creations.

The new Simbrix Digit Kit, featuring Zen’s innovative 3D designs

But just what attracts Zen to Simbrix so much?

“It’s a good way for me to express stories. If I like a story I’ll make a big Simbrix series out of it.

“It’s also the ability to take them apart and re-do them. When you inter-lock them they stay together pretty solidly, and even if they break you can take them apart and put them back together in different ways.

“ You can always fix and upgrade something.”

Listen to our full conversation with Zen below!