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My first Simbrix – Yoshi!

On our Youtube, SimbrixTV we like to show off what Simbrix can do. We create videos to show off art from all types of genre’s as well as personal, unique creations. Today I was tasked with creating my own design for a video that would later be uploaded to Simbrix TV. Scary stuff! Legendary dinosaur pal of the Super Mario games, Yoshi, was the character of choice, and I had to design him in front of the camera.

I’ve played countless hours of Super Mario Bros, 2 and 3, Super Mario World and Mario Kart during my childhood, and even more hours in adolescence and adulthood on the various iterations that Mario and Luigi found themselves in. I whistle the tunes in my head, I imagine what life would be if I actually had access to a mushroom that could double my size and how many Formula One races I’d win if I only had access to a Red Goomba shell or bullet bill.

I’ve sacrificed Yoshi a thousand times in order to get that extra jump to reach a particularly high cliff. So I naturally leaped at the chance to immortalise Yoshi in Simbrix.

Art has never been my strongest attribute. I cannot draw in any way shape or form, even my handwriting is illegible. Even following guides and instructions, I struggle. So to say I was daunted by the task would be an understatement.

I had a picture of Yoshi as a guide, beside my desk, and started to work. At first I was getting the bricks the wrong way round, halting my progress, but once I got the hang of it (consistency is key, build with the bricks in the same way and you’ll make fast progress) I was flying, and the more I built the more it began to look like what i’d imagined in my head! I’ve never had that in any art i’ve ever produce or in anything construction based. While it actually took me around half an hour to design it certainly didn’t feel anywhere as long, I was so focussed on what I was building and enjoying myself that I could have been there all night!

Simbrix are spread throughout the office. I always fight through the writer’s block with a few Simbrix creations

Simbrix are spread throughout the office. I always fight through the writer’s block with a few Simbrix creations

But it hadn’t only taken over my life for that moment, Simbrix absorbs everyone. In the office, despite work that needed to be done, people were offering suggestions for ways to improve the design, to use this colour or that colour instead, to add a background, to expand it. They began coming up with little additions, a Mario for Yoshi, then a Bowser, a mushroom kingdom, the idea had become infectious already. It spread

around the office and suddenly everyone started on their own projects, their own designs, Simbrix bags were being traded here and there, people were showing off what they made, competitions were had on who could design the better Luigi, the better Princess Peach or 1up Mushroom. Eventually, with coercion, people began to get back to work, and I finished my project.

When it came to film my design, I was very precious about what I made. I carried it carefully to the filming studio. I was very caution when placing it down. I tried to prepare myself for the eventual deconstruction of my art, which was unfortunately necessary for the production of the video. As we go up to film the first thing Assim told me to do was drop it on the table. I was shocked! I was sure that my beautiful Yoshi design would break into pieces and i’d have to start all over again. I dropped it (from a considerable height I might add), for the sake of the footage, but not a block came out of place. That’s the beauty of Simbrix, you can drop it from a great height, and what you’ve designed will stay in place!

Being on camera was a very nerve wracking experience. I’ve had very little camera experience and even though its just my hands, I was still shaking at times. Luckily my sturdy Simbrix Yoshi never showed the effects.

My very intimidating surroundings! Good job I had my Simbrix for reassurance

My very intimidating surroundings! Good job I had my Simbrix for reassurance

I had a brilliant time designing Yoshi and making the video for all you Simbrix fans (though my awkward smiles in the photo evidence probably don’t show it! Camera shyness strikes again!) I hope you enjoy the video, and have as much fun as I did when you build your own Yoshi. Send us your own Yoshi variations!

I’ll see you all in the mushroom kingdom!

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Said awkward smile

Said awkward smile