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Nominate that special person for ‘Simbrix Give a Gift’ #SimbrixGiveaGift

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We love Simbrix and know they create so much joy for those that play with them. But during this festive season, but it a tough world, not everyone gets wonderful gifts from those that love them. So Simbrix wants to you to nominate someone that has impressed you as to receive a gift of a Simbrix kit, that could not otherwise get a kit.

As we approach the festive season and prepare for the happy times of celebration, we are reminded there are many amongst us that still struggle financially. Not all children will receive the latest toys or smartphone, not everyone will have wonderful meals with a loving family. As high street banks close, there are more food banks opening than ever.  

As a dad and inventor I’ve seen how much joy Simbrix can bring and know that many children (and adults) will receive Simbrix as gifts. I am grateful for each purchase. But I also know that many good people that mean the world to someone – will not be able to get a wonderful lovingly made gift like Simbrix.

We can do our bit to create a little bit of happiness where Simbrix would not otherwise reach.

So this season, we are asking for your help to find those deserving people who would love to receive a Simbrix kit from you and me.

You may be a teacher and know that a really hard working student’s family is going through tough times, or might be a carer for a sick parent. You might be a friend of someone with learning difficulties that you love and brightens your day.

You might know a child in hospital that is being really brave.

Their might be young adult that needs to know they are loved.

Our moto is connect & wow

So we are looking for that person you know that has proven to be very special to you.

The nomination process is really easy, just fill in the form here.

We are looking for the most deserving people – so tell us their story and we’ll take care of the rest. If your nomination is short listed, we will call you and talk through your application. There is no cost, no charge, no fee for entering and the gifts will be from us delivered to the selected recipients

Please share this with with your friends and family to find that special person and get them a special gift from us both.

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