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Simbrix Product Safety and Testing


  • We love Simbrix and so do our many fans. But before we even thinking about making them sell, the safety of fans was really important.
  • Some aspects of our designs have come directly from seeing how other bead products work, such as Hama Beads, Perler Beads, Acquabeads, Qixels and even Lego. These great products have had to invest in product safety – that why they are trusted brands.
  • Simbrix doesn’t need ironing together, which is really nice and avoids the need to have children anywhere near an iron. The only iron close to Simbrix is when you might want to make an Ironman design!
  • There is now ‘water activated’ glue on the surface of Simbrix, like Aquabeads, Eeazebeads, Qixels type of products. So that is one less issue for us too. Simbrix will only ‘stick’ through friction to each other.
  • Whilst we’d like to have lots of recycled material in Simbrix, it’s really important that we have traceability of the ingredients that make Simbrix. The raw materials in Simbrix are all clean, virgin material from trusted manufacturers.
  • The whole package of Simbrix kits are 100% recyclable – but more importantly, we have designed them to be high quality and re-usable – so keep playing with them 🙂
  • All the product components that we sell are tested by Burea Veritas, one the worlds best product testing houses: we simply did not want to cut corners on product testing. I’d rather save money by doing our own marketing or doing our own warehousing or somewhere else – but I would not wish to save a penny on high-quality tests.
  • The tests carried out were to EN71, Part 1:2014, clauses 1-6, and Flammability requirements of EN71: Part 2:2011 A1 2014, both of the European Standard “Safety of toys”, as well as elements of Category III – Scrapped off toy material EN71 Part 2:2013+A1:2014.
  • But product testing is not enough – we have carefully designed Simbrix to be as safe. They are safety tested for children from 3 years and older, but we clearly mark our product as suitable for 6 years and older.
  • As a parent, I have bought toys for my own young children that were clearly not suitable for the age range suggested on the packaging only to find that my children figured out the toy a year or two later. We keep it really simple at Simbrix – We use the age label for the age of the person that would find Simbrix interesting!