We the public have some great ideas to house reduce household waste :))

Simbrix believes we the public can do more to cut waste going into bad recycling systems and landfill. Product manufacturers are too slow with new ideas to reduce waste. Our creative minds could have more useful answers that we can all share and learn from. 

For example, Simbrix pixel art beads are packed in a plastic box for transportation,   them till you pick the brix for you creations then store them after use. The only waste is the card wrapper and plastic film on the inspiration card deck (that we did not want). The packaging is part of the but has lots of other uses too and we built them to last. This idea came from our fans!

So what ideas have you got to reduce waste?

Enter our competition to invent ways to reuse household packaging and single-use products

We are looking for ideas that are 

  • Creative, fun, make something that we need and can use a lot!
  • You must be willing to share your amazing ideas to help us all reduce waste.
  • Simplicity is important. It must be possible to safely make your invention at home.

The Prizes

  • Top prize will be named the Simbrix Reusalot Inventor of the year 2020 – Great Gold prize with and Superb Silver Superb and beautiful Bronze as second and third
  • We will interview the top three winners and will share the result with the press and across our social media.
  • The top three will be made with detailed explanation video and shared with the international press on our social media
  • Each of the three winners will receive a prize package from Simbrix.
  • Most importantly, your ideas will help make lots of households a little bit greener.

How to enter

    1. Draw your invention on the competition page, explain how it made and what it does.
    2. The instructions have to be good enough for someone to be able to make your invention at home.
    3. Fill in the entry form below 
    4. Make a 1-minute video to explain your invention and upload it with the words Simbrix Reusealot Competition with your name, e.g Simbrix Reusalot Competition Entry Joey.
    5. Add a link of your entry in the competition form on our website
    6. Upload a picture of your invention sheet to the entry form
    7. Make your invention and upload a picture 
    8. That’s it
    Closing date will be 30th June 2020 with shortlists being selected on July 30th for a video interview in August. The winners will be announced in September 2020.

Judging criteria

The judges are all motivated to find the best ideas that are 

  1. Useful: create something that a lot of people can use
  2. Fun, interesting, quirky, creative!
  3. Easy to make and don’t use lots of additional resources to produce
  4. Clever: creating something that we might be obvious

Register to enter

Please register here to receive your Inventors application and entry form, which be emailed straight over to you ! 

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Terms and conditions

  1. We respect your data and will only hold it for the purposes of the competition, update and include you in our Simbrix updates too. 
  2. We follow GDPR and will not share and sell your data to anyone, ever.
  3. By entering you agree to allow us to share your invention with the world, without fees, charges or cost for the purposes set out in this competition.
  4. We will credit the inventions to the inventors
  5. We may change the rules of the competition, judging criteria, prizes and process if we need to. Any updates will only be for the purposes of improving the process, at our sole discretion and will be posted on the website.