Robbery at the Simbrix Offices.

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We met with a terrible surprise this morning as we walked up towards our office, a police officer barring us from entering, “why, have we done something wrong?” We asked, “no,” he replied, “please wait downstairs if you wouldn’t mind, unfortunately you’ve had a break in.”

Assim arrived at 9:00am, having dropped his daughter off at school as he does every morning. He looking very tired. He explained that he’d been at the scene the night before, helping the police. We all huddled together, and talked about how this was only a minor fork in the road, and that we would not let it stop us from achieving our goals.

When we were finally allowed to see the damage, we discovered that all our computers and camera equipment was gone. All in all, we had lost many thousands of pounds of IT and video equipment.  A set back to say the least. We were making fast, exciting progress towards our Kickstarter launch and everything was going so well. But what can you do when fate deals you such a blow? If you are Simbrix, then you carry on, with a stiff upper lip and a can do attitude! We are disappointed and hurt of course, which we show in the video below, made to tell people about the robbery, but the path to the top is always fraught with danger and disaster.

[youtube height=”340″ width=”560″][/youtube]

Yes it may delay us, (we are working on borrowed computers at the moment, using personal cameras, all to try and make sure the project keeps rolling),  but we are an ideas company here at Simbrix. We strive on innovation and creativity, we believe in the power of people, so while we have lost things, we have not lost the things that made us who we are, and got us this far. Things can be replaced and what we have in ourselves is worth so much more.

Perhaps the most relieving thing of all is that they didn’t take our Simbrix! So in the downtime we are all having a little play and cheering ourselves up.

If you have any questions about the project or anything else, don’t be afraid to get in touch, but rest assured that this has only fired us up,  and made us more determined to get Simbrix to you, as soon as we can.