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Two years on, we have had time to play with Simbrix and receive lots of useful feedback. We felt it’s time to upgrade Simbrix to make the product, play experience and creative opportunities better than ever.

So we did! 😀

We have added 17 new custom colours and shades, improved colour proportions in each kit by adding two new colour packs Primo and Dueto, this provides you with the extra bricks we all need! Also, a totally new Inspiration deck full of designs for all kits added into every kit.

We have upgraded a few more things but will let you find these out. 🙂

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Product Description

The Simbrix Cute Kit it is a great package for a starting Brixer or for a great gift.

What in this kit?

1 x Simbrix Play Tray, 1 x Primo Pack (1000 brix per pack approximately), 1 x Inspiration deck

And a few stickers to add the play tray or where ever you would like. 🙂

All Simbrix Kits come with an Inspiration deck, all wrapped up in a Simbrix play tray for easy storage.

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Dimensions 15.5 x 16.5 x 5.5 cm