Simbrix at Sneinton Market

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It was a wet and windy Saturday morning. You could feel the cold in your bones. Getting out of bed was a struggle in itself. I looked out the window at the grim surroundings. But then a nerve of energy burnt through, we were showing off Simbrix today.

It had been a while since the last event. So the nervousness bubbled a little bit. We’d been through quite a journey since the last one, so we were going wiser and stronger or so we’d hope. We had a stall at Sneinton Market for Nottingham Creative Fringe. We were freezing as we set up our stall, everything had to be fixed down, we were weary to put the Simbrix down for fear they would all blow off. But then the sun shone through, ever so slightly, and that encouraged us and we set up the table and made it look presentable, while we still could.

Slowly people started emerging from behind the clouds and from out of the rain and the fun really started. Our bright colours caught the eye of children an adults alike, especially in the dull grey of  the weather. People began coming over, we would talk and explain, ‘yes pick them up!’, ‘No, no they won’t break!’ Once they started making something they didn’t want to leave until they were finished. 

Occasionally winds picked up and blew Simbrix pieces here, there and everywhere. Stalls all around found straggling pieces, so if you bought a decorative tea towel or flower pot from the event, don’t be surprised to find a Simbrix or two in there to boot!

Sneinton Market is out the way, these days. It’s underused and undervalued. When I was a child, the market was flourishing, it used to be the place to be to get a bargain or a hidden treasure. It was flowing with life and activity. Now it’s not quite on the same level. The creative fringe is trying to change that, with this event and other similar ones, and we hope that we, and our fellow stall holders, helped to prove that Sneinton Market can be a revitalised, and that it can be a place to find interesting and exciting things. 

We were really impressed by what people made, and we were overjoyed with all the nice things people said. We really enjoyed our time, as we do at every event we have the pleasure of attending. We’ll see you at the next one…

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