“Simbrix is the perfect holiday toy for kids!”

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How do you occupy two very different boys on holiday without using screens? With a Simbrix Makers Kit, of course!

Laura is an NHS worker who provides support and guidance to new parents. She also runs a blog about her experience as a mum to twin boys. Finding ways to occupy both sons at the same time is often a struggle.

“My boys are identical but they’re very different. If we’re not having screen time, one of them is fine because he’ll play with his Lego or something else. The other one struggles; he will play with toys but he kind of has to be forced into it! They do like reading but they’re not yet at the age that they will read them by themselves.”

For their summer holiday to Italy, Laura chose not to bring electronic devices as she wanted the boys to have calming activities when they weren’t playing on the beach. Instead she brought diaries, colouring books – and Simbrix.

“They got on well with it. We sat down one day and I did a Stormtrooper with them, then they chose something else to do. It was good to just have some down time and some quiet.

“One of my boys is quite creative so when we opened it and got all the cards out he just did his own thing and made this mega jet! He’s got an amazing imagination. Equally, my other son and I like to know where we’re going and follow a pattern.

“It’s a toy that any child can play with whatever kind of personality they have.”

Listen to our full interview with Laura below:

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