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Simbrix isn’t just a toy, it’s a building block for children to learn and explore their inner creativeness – Visiting Forest Town Primary School

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In this podcast, I came back to Forest Town Primary School to discover what teachers and most importantly what the children think of Simbrix.

I want to find out how students are using Simbrix in their day-to-day learning and the benefits teachers have seen with children at all levels of learning.

Simbrix isn’t just a toy, it’s a building block for children to learn and explore their inner creativeness. Visiting Forest Town Primary School I had the pleasure to talk with the students who use Simbrix as learning tools. I learn how the school has employed using Simbrix to grow and develop students learning and the other benefits for special needs children to relax and maintain focus in lessons.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Forest Town Primary School, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. I visited a class of special needs children to offer Simbrix to students for entertainment purposes. I have come back to find out what students are using Simbrix for. I never thought Simbrix would have such educational impact benefits to these children.

Forest Town Primary School

Forest Town Primary School has a SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) department called The Tree House. SENCO is a department is schools to help struggling children with special needs in the learning environment. This is a nurture group to support children who are having difficulty in mainstream classes. The Tree House aims to help develop attitude and social skills for children to succeed in mainstream classes and to carry these skills onwards for the future. Nurture Staff Jackie Whittaker and Dinah Bishop both have 20 year teaching experience. They both have a deep understanding how special needs children learn the best and how to support children in the classroom.

Simbrix meeting The Tree House

My relationship with The Tree House started with Mrs Bishop’s daughter telling her mother about Simbrix. Dinah Bishop thought children in The Tree House can benefit from playing with Simbrix. Dinah saw an educational benefit for children to help aid students in their learning and concentration.

Children and teachers of The Tree House

I shared my story of Simbrix to the class and from speaking to the students in The Tree House I heard what children like about Simbrix, the challenges they face using them and how children can unlock their creative ideas using Simbrix in vast number of ways. I never thought Simbrix would be used for these purposes and I’m amazed to see the benefits Simbrix are having on young lives.    

Sitting down with assistant teachers Jackie Whittaker and Dinah Bishop, I learnt the progress they have seen in children using Simbrix and the impacts that Simbrix has had on the children, arranging from calming excited students down to improving their problem solving skills. Jackie and Dinah agree that Simbrix is an engaging, multi-purpose product that has seen the best improvement out of all the toys they use.

From visiting the staff and children of Forest Town Primary School I have gained an understanding of children using Simbrix as an educational tool to wider learning resources for schools. Hearing the benefits teachers have seen from students using Simbrix has enlightened me to the wide range of uses Simbrix has to offer for young generations.