Simbrix Kickstarter Launch and the modern complexity of crowdfunding.

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So we are Live on Kickstarter. The real work begins.

Kickstarter as a format is certainly an oddly wonderful one. A thing of science fiction 20 or 30 years ago. Connecting with strangers from all over the globe, working together to fund a new innovative idea. Crowdfunding as a whole is an incredible thing. You look at £1 and in today’s market, it doesn’t really stretch very far. A chocolate bar? A newspaper? 1/50th of the latest video game 1/300th of a new TV? But in crowdfuding £1 really does make the difference.

The world is incredibly connected. We were at a ingenuity networking event the other day, housed at the University of Nottingham. We were there to give a short talk and get people excited for Simbrix and our Kickstarter. But in the preceding discussion, Deputy Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire County Council Jayne Francis-Ward talked about expanding the reach of super fast broadband to 97% of Nottinghamshire. 97%! And that’s for the fastest speeds. That obviously doesn’t mean everyone is online, but it is available for everyone.

It’s amazing to think how connected we really are. In the past decades, not having a TV was seen as an oddity, certainly by me in my childhood. In the words of Joey Tribbiani ‘You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?’ These days, the same sort of thinking is applied to people not online. No internet? No Smart Phone? Have you been reading Thoreau again? So when everyone is online, and everyone is contributing a £1 or more it adds up fast. We’ve seen a lot of internet movements take off over the past couple of years, to great success and visibility.

So a £1 pledge does work, so if you want to help us, pledge a £1 and get a sweet digital poster in return, or pledge more if you can afford it, and you want a pretty awesome bag of Simbrix.

Help other interesting projects out as well, if you have the funds, a lot of projects and talented people are getting recognition through crowdfunding that may never have seen the light of day only five or 10 years ago. It’s really is amazing! 

See you on the the Interweb!