Simbrix Launch Sequence

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Here we are again, wiser, better prepared and ready to launch our second Kickstarter campaign. The efforts  of our first Kickstarter team has given us the insight to help other inventors and start-ups. They have also given us the experience we need to make Simbrix a success. While many of our original campaigners have gone on to their dream jobs, the torch has been passed to our new team – namely Peter & Fred – who are exploring the world of Simbrix on foot, horseback and by race car and rocket!


We are delighted that our project green-lit by the admins at Kickstarter. We’re busy with our pre-launch checks and polishing our campaign content and special features. Remember that before we launch, you can Sign Up on our homepage for special rewards. This is as a special thanks to all the Simbrix supporters across the planet who have encouraged motivated us to keep working to launch.

More thanks go to other Kickstarter start-ups, like the phenomenal MeArm and River Horse who have shared the time and creations with us, to help make Simbrix’s campaign a launch to remember.

Simbrix Kickstarter 2.0 should go live around the time of Game City, a video game festival that cannot be missed if you’re in Nottingham this October half term!