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Simbrix takes on the Bulls

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No we haven’t been to Spain and ran with the bulls. That’s is most definitely not for us (though it would be interesting to see if Simbrix could take a gore from a bull, something for a future video maybe?) No, instead we found ourselves in a Dragon’s Den type competition, The Bull Pit, at The Nottingham Business Expo. The Nottingham Business Expo (NBE for short) 2015 was the first iteration of an event which aims to celebrate Nottingham as a great place for business. In the event we met many diverse and interesting businesses and had the pleasure of attending talks from huge business figures such as Nick Leeson and Wayne Hemmingway.

We attended the expo without any real expectations, although we had lots of energy, as we always do when we get opportunities to connect with people and share Simbrix with them. We had heard about the Bull Pit event some months ago. It was described as Nottingham’s answer to Dragon’s Den, i.e. an event where businesses or entrepreneurs, show off their product to a panel of business expects, in order to win guidance, support and maybe even funding. We entered, and thought nothing more of it until the day of the event.

We walked around the event, at awe at the creative ideas on show (A exercise bike that powered a smoothie maker? Brilliant!) We also ran into our hero, the 21st century Robin Hood (who you can find on twitter @EzekialBone – I know what you’re thinking, Robin Hood is on twitter? Modern technology huh!) We showed him Simbrix and to our joy, he loved it! So we can officially say our hero, Robin Hood, is a fan of Simbrix, which is reward enough in itself

Then came the Bull Pit. Around 10am that morning we were told that, from 12 businesses, we and two others were selected. We were the finalists. Which made us very proud, but also gave us the pressure of being in a final!

Then at 12am, there we were, with Simbrix in our hands, in front of four business moguls.

We were nervous already, but when technology failed us, we were even more taken aback. But then we took some of our creations, started explaining how Simbrix worked, and things began to flow. We handed the ‘dragons’ some Simbrix to fiddle around with and they were immediately entranced. They started creating things, marvelling at the creations we had brought to show off. In the end things went really well, we got some excellent advice and created some new Simbrix fans in a short presentation!


In the end, we weren’t chosen as victors, but being finalist made us very proud indeed. We’d like to congratulate the winner Nicky Gray and her company, Food Freedom (@FoodFreedom01) who provide education and training on food allergies and intolerance. A great cause, and most definitely a worthy winner.

We hope to attend a few more of these types of competitions, as we are always on the look out for advice and new perspectives.

If you’ve got any advice for us, or any comments on Simbrix, then be sure to leave them below, and we’ll get back to you.