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Simbrix – Totally new kits

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Following our success on Kickstarter, where we raised around 300% of our target, We can finally confirm that our new kits on are the way to us arriving in mid-November.

Why update Simbrix?

Simbrix has been making new friends around the world since we started selling them in 2016 and received such wonderful feedback, it was easy to feel very proud of our achievements. In 2016 we won the ToyShop award too, so why did we need to make any changes to the kit? In the first few years of Simbrix’s life, we were really looking inward, at the product, the manufacturing process, patenting, figuring out how to sell them. But the customer experience when playing with Simbrix has taken a bit more time to get to grips with. But a few things that became clear – That fans needed to empty out the brix into a plate or tray to play with them, they wanted more inspiration designs and we could do with a look at the colours of the brix.

The Result

We decided to look at every aspect of the product. So we improved the production tool, to increase production efficiency and help counter the increase in raw material price and changing exchange rates. We have changes 16 of the colours in the pack and now have some amazing colours that work really well together.



New ‘play tray box’ so that brixers can store and access the brix easily. This particular change has taken an additional three months longer than expected, but we believe the result will mean a better play experience. Not only can you store the brix them, but you can also store some of your creations in them too.



New inspirations deck. Simbrix inspirations were originally put together on a folded leaflet, which has got better and better. Our new inspirations come in an oversized pack of cards and they are amazing. The pack contains everything you need to get you started and has a few fun things from us. Every kit gets the same pack. Whilst we have four different sized kits, we could not work out the logistics to make four different decks – but that means if you buy the Cute Kit – you can also see what the is possible in the larger kits – but you might inspire you to make your own creations with your kit.



The overall package now sits better on the shop shelf, whereas the cotton bags did not display as well. Hopefully, that means more retailers will list Simbrix. The box is made from a clear recyclable plastic – which means that shoppers can see what is inside the box before they buy. It’s frustrating when you go shopping and a faced with shiny, exciting looking boxes – but you have no idea of whats inside ! Shaking the box a little will explain what’s inside. Pick up our box – you can see exactly inside. We have kept each kit as small and compact as possible – so what you buy is what you expect to get. Consider the Simbrix packaging an antidote to those big shiny boxes – full of very expensive air !

New-Simbrix-Crafter-Kit-03New-Simbrix-Crafter-Kit-02New-Simbrix-Crafter-Kit-01New-Simbrix-Geek-Kit-03Hope you enjoy your kit – looking forward to hearing from you very soon

Mr Simbrix.


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