Spring Fair: Our Retrospective

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What is the Spring Fair?

Held at the NEC in Birmingham, which is like a cross between an exhibition centre and  an airport, the Spring Fair is where all kinds businesses find leads for the coming year. We found everything from greeting cards, movie memorabilia and furniture to Christmas-music-playing automata. We were in Hall 5, which was dedicated to toys, games and gadgets, and where you had to watch out for swooping drones and the occasional businessman test-driving a skateboard.

What Happened?

For the 6 days of the fair, we had a steady stream of visitors who stopped to take a closer look at our original craft construction toy. There were lots more still who passed, remarking “I used to love those” or “So-And-So loved those”. It was really fun to surprise these people with a quick demonstration of how Simbrix differs from perler beads and hama beads. We even converted a few visitors who did not think much of Simbrix at first glance. Most of the interest came from toy shop and gift shop owners. We noticed a lot of e-tail start-ups as well as businesses making a transition from bricks and mortar to “bricks and clicks”.  Our Expert Kit and Mini-Kit also made their debut and attracted the attention of plenty of visitors, including crafters and workshop organisers and party planners.

Many Meetings at the Spring Fair


What Next?

We have already signed up for 2017. We learned a lot from  this year and have lots of leads to chase up. We got a lot of interest from lots of very different businesses, who liked our original craft construction toy. It’s exciting to think how much more we will have to offer by this time next year. If you are planning on going, we hope to see you there. Find us on the Spring Fair website.


In our next post, we will be exploring the benefits of Simbrix to brain health and memory.