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Students Celebrate Simbrix and we explore another dimension!

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Today I am not going to talk about our excitement, our ideas or our perspectives. Today I’m going to pass it over to the audience, to demonstrate their enthusiasm, their excitement and the creativity that absolutely bursts from the seems when people play with Simbrix!

We took 10 minutes to introduce ourselves, and to meet the Gaming students at Confetti ICT Nottingham, that would be our players today. The students spoke to us of their varied hobbies, arts and crafts, Minecraft, even farming in little greenhouses with bunny rabbits! Needless to say it was a tough, experienced audience, we were in for a challenge, or so we thought.

We pushed play and the game began. The students didn’t need any instructions, they immediately understood how Simbrix functioned and instinctively the magic started to flow. As soon as Seanii, Jack, Jordan, Jodie and all our new friends got to work, they started bombarding us with ideas and suggestions, you could see the excitement written on their faces. They were committed to their designs, full of concentration, some even unwilling to stop until they’d finished their design.


Jake was determined to “create something impressive, you are only limited by your imagination.” “Simple and addictive. Creative” said Seanii, who created a wonderful Nasa logo seen below. Games tutor Shaun “Loved the idea,”  and found it “very addictive” and spoke of the limitless potential Simbrix provides.

Together with the students of Confetti, we found ourselves flying to the moon, avoiding exploding creepers, fighting off bloody knives with a knights shield, in order to protect our extra heart, and ending it warming ourselves next to a luxurious fireplace.

One thing we always hear from our wonderful Simbrix users is that they want to see 3D designs. And we are happy to announce that one of our students at Confetti discovered our first 3D design! A big thank you to Reece, who designed a 3D block of Simbrix and opened up a world of possibilities. I can’t be the only one thinking of turning my room into a Simbrix minecraft!

We’d like to add a special thanks to Kyle for the opportunity to share Simbrix with the students of Confetti, and to all the students themselves who made us feel a part of their team, gave us honesty  and showed us just how much love is out their for Simbrix, and just how far we can go. We’ll take Simbrix to Space I’m sure!

But this story doesn’t end here…

Our new friends found us on Twitter and Facebook and started sharing their Simbrix creations! That was a very big and very pleasant surprise for us! and proves imagination doesn’t just end in the classroom. Once more thank you guys, we were really delighted to meet you all and we look forward for our next adventure with you, and everyone else along our journey, full of colours!

Till then…

Connect and… fly!!!!



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