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Toy inventor gets quizzed by 4th Grade children at Alberta School

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The inventor a new pixel brick toy gets interviewed by the 4th grade children at the Neil M Ross Catholic Elementary School, Alberta, Canada. In an effort to help his pupils make the connection between the lessons at school, need for creativity and resilience, Mr Sean Bass their teacher and leader of innovation in teaching for the Albert school district, invited Assim Ishaque, the inventor of Simbrix over to talk to his class via video conference call.

‘I wanted to teachers view on Simbrix and that led to Alberta’, but little did Assim know that they would find their way into the hands of an expert in innovative teaching.

Mr Bass was using Simbrix to help teach science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) concepts – much more than Assim expected and lesson for him too.

Mr Bass commented ‘its not often we see new products, so was delighted when Assim accepted my invite into our class room. The children were excited to speak to an “inventor” and ‘especially because the children took so well to Simbrix, asking everything from how Assim came up with the idea to what his future plans were’.

Assim said ‘I created Simbrix for me own children after playing with them and their favourite iron-together-beads. But they would become frustrated when their creations would fall apart if they knocked their design’.  

‘I originally created them as fun puzzle and art toy’ said Assim, but Mr Ross has shown me that they are some unique qualities that engage children and encourage them to develop their creativity and help build resilience in their learning’.

‘it was fun to be put on the spot by the children – they were great’.

‘I am impressed by creativity that Simbrix encourages rather then fixation on simply following instructions’ said Mr Ross

‘the children just get a lot more from them than anything else I’ve seen’ end.

Simbrix are a patented art and puzzle bead invented by Assim Ishaque, of Nottingham, England.

Further information can be found on : www.simbrix.com

Email : assim@simbrix.com

Tel/WhatsApp :0044 7976 878882

Skype: assimishaque

Also available on amazon.ca : search for Simbrix

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