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We’ve been featured in the Daily Express!

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Simbrix construction toys

In the run up to Christmas exposure is everything for a small independent business like ours, so we’re pleased to tell all Brixers that news is spreading fast.  They tell us that ‘The good news for us is that construction toys are becoming more popular than ever with demand doubling recently’

The article in the Daily Express tells our story, from the very beginnings of the concept, the hard work we put into developing just the right brick (we experimented with over 400 protoypes!), to our fabulous Kickstarter campaign and advice and support we’ve had from great people along the way.

Simbrix toys in the Daily Express for Christmas

2016 has been a rollercoaster of a ride for the Brixer team and we’re on the way up!  With more and more independent toy shops getting on board and more people playing simbrix from 5 to 95, we can’t wait to see the what happens in the weeks up until Christmas .

We’re excited to see what families can put together over the Christmas period when those Simbrix kits get delivered by Santa!  We’re hoping for pictures of our favourite fan art and even some of the elaborate designs like the Mona Lisa – or maybe even a Conran esque landscape.  So, if you’re feeling creative after the Turkey and stuffing please make sure you post up your latest creation on our website or Facebook page.

We’re not resting on our laurels and are working on a new Flamingo themed kit  for our debut on the Hochanda art and crafts TV channel –more details coming soon.

We were pleased to see that Daily Express mentioned being creative with Simbrix helps everyone’s general motor skills and can benefit some people with autism as the concentration needed has a calming effect.

Overall, we’re so pleased that word is spreading, because we believe that playing makes everyone’s life better!

And just so we make sure Santa knows where he can buy Simbrix kits, send him this link!

If you’d like to read the article in the Daily Express click here.