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What does Simbrix mean to you?

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Here at Simbrix, one of our proudest achievements is the community of fans that we have built across the globe. As a small independent company not on Amazon, word-of-mouth is the biggest way our voice can be heard. Simbrix, both the product and the company, thrive on connection.

Now we want to connect with you.

What does Simbrix mean to you? Has it ignited a creative passion in you or your child? Has it helped them to develop learning crucial skills? Have you made a great piece of artwork that you’d like to share?

Send in your story and designs and YOU could be featured on our website or our podcast! It could even lead to something bigger; like Zen from Oregon, who impressed us so much with his 3D models that he ended up designing a whole new product!

If you have a creation or story you’d like to share, please contact us at words@simbrix or by clicking the button below. Help us to build an even bigger connection around the world!