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What we’ve learnt from Loom Bands

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Source:, ‘’, March 4, 2015.

We all remember the craze that swept across the nation last summer. Rainbow Loom, or more commonly known ‘Loom Bands’, seemed to find its way into the hands of children all over the country. These tiny rubber bands kept both children, and adults alike occupied for hours, allowing creations ranging from simple friendship bracelets to charms and rings.

If there is one thing we have learnt from this craze is the power of creative toys for young people. Something as simple as a rubber band can be used to create elaborate designs and characters from popular films and television shows, which is amazing. Simbrix work in exactly the same way. Our tiny bricks click together so easily that they can make anything from a face or a flower to Olaf from Frozen. The possibilities are endless, and the simplicity of the design makes it so easy for children (and parents) to really let their creativity flow.

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This brings us on to the second lesson we learnt from Loom Bands – the importance of communal play with these creative toys. Parents want nothing more than something that allows them to spend time with their children. Loom Bands was itself inspired by the creator’s desire to join in with his daughters as they made small woven bracelets, the only thing stopping him was the fact that his fingers were too big. This inspired him to create a board to use that would help those who faced similar problems create these intricate designs.

The inspiration for Simbrix comes from exactly the same place. The existing fusion beads can be used to create beautifully colourful images, but they are so easily ruined after hours of putting them together by a simple knock. Simbrix stick together so well that even the clumsiest of people can work on their designs and not worry about destroying them if they drop them on the table or on the floor. Perfect for both children and parents!

The final, and potentially most important thing, that we have learnt from this craze is the importance of the internet in both spreading the word about a product and also allowing individuals the platform to share their designs with the world. Showing people how to make the bracelets via instructional YouTube videos really helped to get the Loom Band craze off the ground because children and parents could watch and get to grips with how to use the boards. Once they had a basic handle of this, they could let their creativity flow and create more intricate designs. A simple Google search for ‘loom band designs’ brings up millions of results, with people from all over the country posting ‘how-to’ videos and posting pictures to show off their creativity. Using YouTube videos in the same way, Simbrix has already provided some ‘how-to’ videos showing viewers how to make characters from Minecraft, Star Wars, Disney and many more, and we hope that these will inspire burgeoning crafters out there. 

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Sharing your designs is such a key part of a creative toy of this nature. If you spend hours lovingly crafting something from scratch then the first thing that you want to do is to share it with as many people as possible. This could be over the internet or by something as simple as creating gifts for loved ones. Both Simbrix and Loom Bands are perfect examples of how a simple children’s toy has the potential to be turned into something incredible.   

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