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No iron, no glue - all fun!

The best pixel bricks ever...

for 2D Art & Design

Immersive, Intuitive STEM Toys

Develop fine motor skills, creative flow & problem solving

Designed equally for Boys & Girls

from 6 to 96 year old.

Inspirations - No Instructions

Make what you want - your way!

What will you make?

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The newest Simbrix Podcast!

In the third podcast, Michelle explains how Simbrix been integrated into to her life, and thinking on if Simbrix really is a toy or not.

Spaceman & Fox In Play tray

Inspired by my children

After playing with his children and their favourite bead toys, the inventor saw them upset when their creations would easily fall apart before ironing together. This was the motivation for Simbrix.

Then began work on 400 prototypes, 1000 consumer tests, international Patenting over 3 years before we launched the project on Kickstarter and now have fans all over the world.

Our vision for Simbrix

We’re aiming for beautiful Art and Craft toys, equally wonderful for boys and girls, that encourage creative thinking,  need few instructions and allow for fantastic play experience without compromise. We started with connecting brix that wow…