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“Simbrix connect without ironing or glueing” Genevieve, mom to Hannah 11, Tom 8 and George 7 “Other beads are such a fuss to stick together” Mandeep, mum to Kajul 7 and Kiran 9. “Simbrix are reusable. It’s saved me a small fortune!” Sophie, Registered Child Minder “I keep having to buy new beads to replace the ones the kids have used” Diane, YMCA After School Coordinator “They don’t seem to get bored with Simbrix. There is always something new the kids want to make” Monique, mum to Billie 10, Hannah 9 and Freddie 7 “My kids get bored playing with their new toys very quickly and want to move onto something else” Fiona, mum to Dermot 11 and Kayleigh 8 “Simbrix are a really high quality; made to last and survive many hours of play!” Darcy, mum to Olivia 12 “So many toys are made to sell a low price, but breaking or wearing away very quickly” Ryan, dad to Finn 13 and Lizzie 8 “Simbrix has helped my kids’ fine motor skills at school and helped them relax too.” Ali, dad to Humza 10 and Saira 6 “I’m worried my kids don’t learn anything from the toys and games they play with”. Nathan, dad to Zac 11, Delia 8
and Joseph 7
“Simbrix comes with minimal packaging. They are made to be reusable so there’s very little waste.” Tanya, mom of Justin 8 and Tilly 8 “I’m concerned by how much plastic is in toys and how much I throw away” Jane, auntie to Max 9 and Joanne 6



Simbrix and Friends Toy exhibition Hangzhou, China

I recently took a trip to China in order to attend a toy exhibition. It was a 5-day event and so I took this time to interview attendees.

Toy inventor gets quizzed by 4th Grade children at Alberta School

The inventor a new pixel brick toy gets interviewed by the 4th grade children at the Neil M Ross Catholic Elementary School, Alberta, Canada.

Minecraft – what non players need to know!

As a parent of three fanatic Minecraft players and inventor of toys that this community seem to love – its time that I got into this game and found out why they love it so much.